Cover article in NewMusicBox Web Magazine: "All Music Great and Small"

"Jalbert is an inspired composer. Everything he writes sounds inevitable."
Philadelphia Inquirer
"The piece revealed powerful command of the orchestra and a vivid emotional range. In Aeternam made a listener eager to hear more."
San Francisco Chronicle
"a sprawling, dramatic work rippling with colors... As for showing off the orchestra, it did that exceptionally, giving each section (most notably the percussion) a thorough workout."
The New York Times
"an acknowledged chamber-music master."
The New Yorker
"Pierre Jalbert's music immediately captures one's attention with its strong gesture and vitality. Rich in instrumental color and harmonically engaging, its narrative is dramatically compelling yet always logical in its flow. In the orchestral Chamber Symphony, big sky, and Fire and Ice, and in numerous chamber compositions, he synthesizes an array of current musical resources into bold, deeply satisfying, personal statements that surprise and delight."
American Academy of Arts and Letters
"Jalbert shows superb craftsmanship combined with an imaginative mind... Here's hoping we hear much more from him."
New Music Connoisseur
"rhapsodic, transparent and skillfully written"
The New York Times